Demand for crypto currency is increasing. New coins are emerging, and new exchanges are opening. Digital economy and blockchain technology have become an integral part of the crypto community. We conquer new peaks. Transactions are becoming faster and more secure. We can do the things that were unthinkable about decades ago. Since ancient times merchants bought goods cheaper and sold them at a higher price. Transportation of goods took a long time. Even now, it takes days and weeks to deliver goods to the buyer. Our team are also traders, who trade in digital goods – crypto-currencies. There exist many trading strategies, but arbitrage is one of the most effective and promising.

We can buy, deliver goods and sell them somewhere else in a matter of seconds. The most important is to follow the rule “bought at a lower price, sold at a higher one”, which allows you to gain profit with each transaction. Often the price of the same coin or token can vary on different exchanges. While performing arbitrage transactions, we unwittingly strive to equalize the price. The automation of the arbitrage process allows us to work with a large number of digital assets.

We divide the arbitrage transactions into several types: Slow arbitrage, Fast arbitrage, Arbitrage with margin security.

With a slow arbitrage, we buy a digital asset on one exchange, perform a transaction on the other exchange and sell it. Disadvantages may be the risk of price changes on exchanges during transaction. We use this type for coins, which take minimum time to be sent.

In the case of the fast arbitrage, we have a digital asset on two different exchanges. If the difference in price is sufficient, we make buying on one exchange, and selling on the other exchange. This type of arbitrage allows you to go through the transaction fast, and transfer the asset between exchanges later. The shortcomings include the need to buy coins for work and the risks associated with the token depreciation.

In the arbitrage with margin security, we buy an asset on one exchange, and we make a reverse marginal transaction on the other exchange. In this case, we make transaction fast. When the asset is transferred, we close the margin transaction. The drawback is that you need to have a pledge and that not all exchanges offer margin security.

We have a profit of 0.5% from the transaction including the costs, such as exchange and transaction commission. Some transactions bring us negative profit due to a sharp price change in short time intervals, as well as because of the long deposit or withdrawal times. We strive to minimize such transactions and reduce our risks.

We work on Bitfinex, Bittrex, Polonex, Kraken, Binance, BTC38 (AEX), Liqui and others exchanges.

Everyday opportunities to maximize market coverage and reduce risks require an increase in our capital. Having extensive experience and technical equipment, we decided to raise funds through ICO.

We created ARBIT (ARBITRAGE) tokens of ERC20 standard based on the Ethereum smart contract in order to ensure for our investors ICO transparency.

The total number of ARBIT tokens is 50,000,000.

Tokens will be distributed as follows:

1. 97% – 48,500,000 ARBIT will available for sale at ICO.Price per 1 ARBIT is 0.00000070 BTC.

2. 3% – 1,500,000 ARBIT will be reserved by the team (not for sale).

The ICO period is 2 weeks 15.12.17 – 31.12.17.

Hard Cap – 33 BTC. Soft Cap – 25 BTC

If we don’t attract 25 BTC, we will return all raised funds to investors. In the case of not reaching the Hard Cap, unsold tokens will be burned (we provided this function in the Ethereum smart contract).








Conducting a successful ICO

The success of our ICO will firstly depend on whether we are able to make our project attractive to investors. Currently we are having the ICO boom and we need to win your trust to compete with other projects. Openness and professionalism are our priority.

Successful arbitrage transactions

The last thing we worry about is the second step. Vast experience accumulated over more than 2 years of work allows us to successfully deal with arbitrage. We know the intricacies and hidden pitfalls, and we minimize our risks and avoid losses. The software developed by our team enables us to automate some of our actions.

Adding of ARBITRAGE tokens to exchange.

If the ICO is successful, we will add the ARBIT token to best-known exchanges of crypto-currencies. We know how it is important to increase the number of new exchanges that provide impetus to the project and maintain its liquidity.

Monthly reduction in the number of tokens

Our team will publish our reports on a monthly basis. Every month we will spend 50% of the profit to repurchase on the market and burn ARBIT tokens, thereby reducing the number of tokens in circulation. This measure will help to make the price of the ARBIT token at least equal to the price of the ICO token.

Our team aims to preserve and increase investment. The attracted funds will help us to cover a larger part of the market and reveal our potential. We also aim to spread information on arbitrage. We are not afraid of competitors.

We guarantee our investors:

1. Honest distribution of the token through the smart contract.

2. A share of the income from our work.

3. Adding the token to the best-known exchanges.

4. Transparency.

5. The availability of information on arbitrage